Kaelin Consulting

Mark W. Kaelin

I have over 25 years of experience in the electronic publishing industry. I was an editor for CBS Interactive for eleven years, where I was responsible for acquiring, editing, and writing technical content for daily publication on CBS Interactive properties TechRepublic.com and ZDNet.com. My duties included the recruitment and development of contributing talent. Prior to CBS Interactive, I was an editor with ProQuest for 12 years, where I developed, designed, edited, and maintained an array of university and business school supplemental curricula products. Before ProQuest, I was a public accountant for five years, specializing in tax preparation and in compilation and review engagements. In addition, I have performed independent consulting services over the last 30 years for various business clients.

Google in the Enterprise Blog

As Google Apps became more prevalent as a set of business tools, the TechRepublic brain-trust decided to add a blog to address it. I was tapped to lead the effort and found several outstanding contributing expert writers to help me produce relevant content.

Here is the link to the Google in the Enterprise Blog on TechRepublic.